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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the pick-up/drop-off locations?

A: The majority of the time your hotel shuttle can get you to one of the locations by the pick-up time, but it requires some due diligence on your part and avoiding trying to get a shuttle at the last minute. If a concierge helped you make your reservations, there is a good chance that they will also assist you in arranging transportation. They are familiar with our system.

Q: How do I choose what entree I would like?

A: Meal orders are taken when your reservation is made. Our business is to entertain you, show you the history of the valley, and make you a meal that we specialize in. We aren't a full-service restaurant, so we only prepare what is ordered. 

Q: If I decide that I would like something different to eat than what I pre-ordered, how late can I change my order?

A: We understand that reservations are often made far before vacation dates, or by someone who is part of a large group. We typically allow changes to your food choice until 1 p.m. on the day of the ride. After that, the food preparation has been accounted for and begun.

Q: How late can I cancel my reservation and not be charged the cancellation fee?

A: We have a 24-hour cancellation policy, and it is strictly enforced. Given this unique business, there is a lot of "behind the scene" effort that often begins early on the day of the sleigh ride. Scheduling the entertainment and sleigh driver, as well as preparing the fresh entrees, require an exact count of how many people are going to be on the sleigh ride. We prepare the food fresh every night and don't half pack or reuse anything, so if we have prepared food for an allotted person, we are forced to charge for this. We are in this business to have fun, show off the west, and entertain people. Dumping out food and wasting seats on a booked-up sleigh ride isn't acceptable.

Q: How many people can you take in one night?

A: On occasion, we can accommodate large groups of sleigh riders, if it is one party together. However, on the majority of the nights, we try to keep the capacity to 40 people. We have discovered that 40 is about the most comfortable number to keep it an enjoyable, top quality, fun sleigh ride and dinner for all.  We only do one ride per evening.

Q: How many nights a week do you do sleigh rides?

A: We go any night where we have ten or more people that want to go.  During the holiday season it is virtually every night.  However we do take Christmas day off to spend time together as a family.  

Q: How long is the actual sleigh ride?

A: The sleigh ride is about 20 minutes in each direction.  On a warm night it can seem short, but on a cold night, it can seem long.  We try to make it a "happy medium" in length and provide plenty of blankets to keep you warm.

Q: How should I dress?

A: Casual and smart.  It is best to dress in layers.  It is winter and you will be on the sleigh for 20 minutes each way, you'll feel the winter weather and want to be dressed warm enough to be comfortable.  We do provide wool blankets but don't count on them to be your only protection against the elements.  The barn is warmed by stoves, and gets pretty toasty, so you'll want to be able to shed layers to stay comfortable.  We always suggest a hat, warm coat, gloves and warm boots at a minimum.  It's not uncommon to see folks in ski/snow pants especially on very cold nights.