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Bar Lazy L Sleigh Rides

The evening starts as we pick you up at one of the various locations throughout town and drive you to the ranch. It's a short twenty minute ride up the Elk River valley, where the horse drawn sleighs await. The sleigh ride trail follows the river through the lower pasture, drifts through the trees, and traverses back down our meadow to the loft of our remodeled barn. There, warm drinks, entertainment, and hospitality wait. Dinner is being prepared as you warm up, shake off the winter weather, browse the many western artifacts accumulated by our family over the years, and hear traditional western music performed by local artists. Dinner is served as the preparation completes. After dinner there is additional entertainment as you relax to let dinner settle. The after dinner entertainment concludes, as you bundle back up to take the sleighs back to the bus, and are returned to town. Reservations are required for all sleigh rides.

Quality food and entertainment are our primary concerns. Having the ability to complement those two items with the horses, stories, and love of the western lifestyle, create a truly unique atmosphere that has to be experienced. We tend to leave the vast majority of patrons with a VERY full stomach and a smile on their face. We enjoy doing this and it shows.

2016 - 2017 Prices are:

Adults / Teens ~ $80.00

Seniors 65 & Over ~ $70.00

Pre Teen's (ages 6-12) ~ $55.00

Children (3-5) ~ $30.00

Lap Children are free.

We've been doing this for quite a while, and there are people who try to bend the age rules, and "get one over on us", but the ages clasifications are up to you. They usually fit pretty well, and you will either have a hungry teen-ager that received a child’s meal, or a fairly large kid sitting on your lap(or very near!!!!), for the duration of the sleigh ride. Everything evens out in the end, and we don't try to make an unbeatable system, only a fair system.


During the reservation process we will want to determine where is the most convenient place to pick your party up, and drop you back off after the evening is over. Here is a list of the main places with a brief description. These places have ample parking and are strategically located to accommodate most everyone.

With large parties, we can customize this. Otherwise these locations work best providing everyone easy access without making everyone wait for too many stops. We also please ask that you be courteous to the other people that may be enjoying the sleigh ride, and please be on time. The first pick up location is the Steamboat Transit Center, and the bus is there a little before 6:00 pm, and leaves at 6:00 pm sharp. Yet again it is best to be on time, because if you are late, everyone gets a good look at you as you get on the bus, and you have to be with these same people the rest of the evening!!

Steamboat Transit Center

This is the main area at the mountain where many shuttles and local buses pick up and drop off, on Mt Werner Circle. This is the primary location due to the ease of access by the resorts, and a centralized location on the mountain.

Safeway Supermarket

Mainly used for people traveling into Steamboat from the east, or south. We pick up and drop off at the Bus Stop located on the south (Pine Grove) side of the parking lot, near the bus stop.
Wells Fargo
Mainly used for anyone staying downtown, easy walking, and centraly located. We pick up and drop off in the parking lot north of Wells Fargo (across from the post office).
Mainly used for people traveling into Steamboat from the west.

***The pick up and Drop off locations are up to you, but it is a lot easier to find you if you don't change them without telling us. We keep track of who and where we pick people up so that everyone that was supposed to go on the sleigh ride, makes it.

*** Many people, especially locals, believe that it would help us out, a whole bunch by driving themselves. Very rarely does it help us out, and actually makes things far more difficult. Parking is limited at the Ranch in the winter, and ensuring the fact that everyone arrives simultaneously is important. People waiting in the cold for other to show up, makes for unhappy sleigh riders, and that starts the whole group off on the wrong foot.


Our entertainment usually consists of one of the following groups, depending on schedules.

The Yampa Valley Boys - A duo of local songwriters / entertainers.  Nominated by the membership of the Western Music Association for the 2010 Best Duo. Steve and John have been entertaining the valley for quite a while now after meeting in our very barn. They do an excellent job of playing, and keeping the crowd aroused. They play a mixture of self written songs, and songs from years gone by (many, many years), along with humorous jingles to keep about any crowd well satisfied.


As a main entree you get a choice of a 16-18 oz, fresh cut, rib eye steak, a specially marinated and grilled chicken breast, or Trout that is seasoned and prepared in a grill/steam fashion. The main entree is then accompanied by a baked potato, corn, baked beans, and a fresh dinner roll, followed by dessert.

The Childrens menu is a choice of Hot Dog, Chicken Nuggets, Hamburger or Cheeseburger.

Beverages include Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Cider, and Water.

We do not provide any Beer, Wine, Spirits, Soda, or Ice, but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Bringing your own, ensures you have the right kind, and as much of it as you want!!


Q: How do I get to the pick up/Drop Off Locations?

A: The majority of the time your hotel shuttle can get you to one of the locations by the pick up time, but it will require some due diligence on your part, and planning avoiding trying to get a shuttle at the last minute. If a concierge helped you make your reservations there is a good chance that they will also assist you in arranging transportation. They are familiar with our system.

Q: How do I Choose what Entree I would like?

A: At the time the reservation is placed, the meal orders are taken. Our business is to entertain you, show you the history of the valley, and custom make you a meal that we specialize in. We aren't a full service restaurant, so we only prepare what is ordered.

Q: If I decide that I would like something different to eat than what I pre-ordered how late can I change my order?

A: We understand that reservations are often made far before the vacation is being taken, or by one of a large group, and we typically will allow 24 hours to change your food choice. After that the food preparation has actually been accounted for, and began, that also affects our cancelation policy.

Q: How late can I cancel my reservation, and not be charged the cancelation fee?

A: We have a 24 hour cancelation policy, and realize that there are often extenuating circumstances, and in extreem cases can work with you. Given this unique bussiness there is a lot of "behind the scene" effort that often begins early the day of the sleigh ride. Scheduling the entertainment, sleigh driver, amd preparing the entrees fresh etc. , requires an exact count of people that are going to be on the sleigh ride. We prepare the food fresh every night, and don't half pack, or reuse anything so if we have prepared food, or allotted a position, we are forced to charge for this. We are in this business to have fun, showing off the west, and entertaing people. Dumping out food, and wasting seats on an often "Booked up" sleigh ride, isn't acceptable.

Q: How many people can you take in one night?

A: On occasion we can accommodate large groups, if all of the groups are one party. However the majority of the nights we try to keep the capacity to forty people. We have discovered that is about the most comfortable number to keep it an enjoyable, top quality event for all. With the exception of Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve we only do one ride per evening so that the group isn't rushed, and the focus is on having a good time, at the groups pace, and not rushing through dinner to try and squeeze more people into the evening. Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve we do a late ride to accommodate a crowd that typically enjoys "ringing in the season". That is typically a rowdier crowd, and lasts pretty late.

Q: How many nights a week do you do Sleigh Rides?

A: We will go any night where we have ten or more people that want to go. During the holiday season it is virtually every night, but on the other nights we will typically try to work with people to accommodate your schedules and make things work out.

Q: How long is the actual Sleigh Ride?

A: The sleigh ride is about 20 minutes in each direction. On a warm night it can seem short, but on a cold night it can seem long. We tried to make it a "Happy Medium" In length, and provide plenty of blankets to keep people warm in the winter air.

Q: How should I dress?

A: It is best dress is in layers. The sleigh ride is outside in the elements so you'll feel the winter weather, and want to be dressed warm enough to be comfortable, yet the barn is warmed by stoves, so you'll want to be able to shed layers to stay comfortable.



Reservations are required for all sleigh rides. Currently, we are only takeing reservations by phone. Online reservations are comming soon. If you would find it more convienient, you may e-mail us, along with your contact information, and we'll call you to complete the reservation process. The information that we will need is:

Name of party:

Number of gusets, and age classifications: (See General tab for more information)

Meal Choices: (See Menu Tab)


Pick Up Location:

Where are you staying to contact you:

Credit Card information to hold the Reservation: